The Responsibility of Favor

Access Granted
Proverbs 3:1-4

 Sermon Point 1 – Value the Lord’s Teaching

  • A relationship is important when hearing wisdom.
  • If people don’t respect you they will not listen to you. Never take for granted that God has blessed you to have a measure of influence over people.
  • Give less of yourself and more of God to people…not your opinion/feelings.

Sermon Point 2 – Make Obedience to God a Matter of the Heart

  • Make God’s external instructions internal…apply them to my heart. Work it against the grain. Work it even though it hurts, even though I don’t feel it, even when I not convicted by it. You don’t have to feel the word to WORK the word.
  • Keep working the word until your spirit comes into alignment with the word of God.

Sermon Point 3 – Keep Your Heart Tender & Free from Contamination

  • Forgiveness will keep your heart tender
    • Prayer for your enemies. The more you prayer for your enemies the more you heart become tender & you unwind from the hold.
  • Free from things that are contaminating.
    • Don’t seek advice from people that are struggling in the same areas you are struggling. But find someone who has walked where you are but has COME OUT!

Sermon Point 4 – Let Kindness & Truth Categorize Our Life

  • Let love & faithfulness NEVER leave you. You will win favor with God & man.
    • Your actions will show what is in your heart. If you apply the word to your heart, it will come out in your actions.
    • Be seen doing the right thing even when they’ve done the wrong thing to you.
    • Sometimes you have to love people that don’t deserve it. It’s not about you but a living and loving Christ.
    • Choose to live a life of HOLINESS; the standard of God
      • When you make a decision in-line with the instructions of God is the standard of holiness. Don’t look the part… be the part.
      • WIN FAVOR… the guarantee of God’s presence & provisions for your life.