The Price for Success: Stay in the Position of Destiny

Isaiah 50:7

Saul’s son Jonathan had a child named Mephibosheth. At five-years-old, his father and grandfather were killed. When the child’s nurse heard about it, she came to take him, but dropped him while running away. Mephibosheth became crippled as a result (Ref. Samuel 4:4). After David became king, he wanted to know if anyone in Saul’s family was still alive, so he could be kind to them. David sent for Mephibosheth to ensure he would be taken care of for life. David calls for him to eat at the king’s table regularly like one of his sons (Ref. 2 Samuel 9:10-12). Mephibosheth stayed in position and never left the king’s table.

Isaiah 50:7 challenges us to stay in position and focus on where we’re going, without giving attention to competing or conflicting interests. It reminds us that when we discover our route (or assignment), our responsibility is to remain on course and to stay seated at the table. As we do this, we are assured that when God brings us to a new place (table), He will not embarrass us or bring us to an open shame because we’ve been graced for this!

When we are seated at the table, we:

  1. Don’t take advice from everybody. This includes:
    • From wandering people who haven’t found their own table (assignment).
    • From someone who isn’t at our table or who has not proven the road can be traveled.
    • Prayer Focus: God help me to be still so I can hear your voice. Give me wisdom and show me the way, so that I can come out on top and not be pulled from the table.
  2. Learn not to panic.
    • Panic is the absence of control
    • Keep your hands on the wheel, seek God and he’ll use you to navigate.
    • Prayer Focus: Lord, overwhelm me with your peace and help me to remain connected to you.
  3. Learn how to follow the last instructions given.
    • Pray for discernment because you do not run after every opportunity or fad.
    • If you’re not hearing anything, follow the last instruction.
    • Prayer Focus: God thank you for giving me discernment and helping me to stay planted, while following your lead.

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