Stay Hungry, Stay Lit

Say It

Mark 11: 12-24

Sermon Point 1 – What can cause me to lose my confidence/trust?

  • We do not keep it before us.
    • We must recognize the power of WORDS! Word go to work and bring in manifestation what is in your heart/mind.
    • Words can work for or against me.
    • We have the power to break curses (words that were spoken over us).

Sermon Point 2 – Know the real intent of a thing

  • We will call something good when it’s really bad.

Sermon Point 3 – Sometime your response suggests what you really believer

  • Storms reveal where you are on the ship.
  • When you spend your time in the presence of God, you are anchored.

Sermon Point 4 – Why has God given us scriptures?

  • Contain the Intention of God.
    • Get in your mind what God has intended for you instead of what has happened to you.
    • What was in God’s mind in the beginning, when he initially did it/wrote it
  • Contain the Will of God.
    • Who wants permissive when you can have the perfect/divine will of God.
  • Contain the Power of God.
    • Believe what Jesus said and say what He said.
    • There is power in speaking what God has already spoken.