Stay Hungry, Stay Lit

Stay Hungry, Stay Lit (2nd Installment)

Song of Solomon 5:3-8 & Matthew


Sermon Point 1 – Why we Hunger for God

  1. I’m alive – dead things can longer yearn for God
  2. It Motivates Me – It Causes me to hunger for other areas in my life too. when God and I are off, other areas in my life are off.
  3. Bring Satisfaction – that part of you that belongs to God no longer has a void.

Sermon Point 2 – 6 ways to stay hungry for God

  1. You Miss it – you begin to miss your relationship & closeness w/God
  2. You Pray for It – John 6:44 – Lord draw me to you so I can yearn for you.
  3. You Recall It – Revelation 2:4-5 – Out or your devotion life comes your message life.
  4. You Catch-It – Acts 2:37 – Be around people that will level you up… If I’m around it, I’ll catch it.
  5. You Hear It – Psalms 96:1 – Worship God in a new way.
  6. You Act on It – Psalms 34:8 – I want Him and He wants me.