The Power of Proper Alignment - Who’s In Your Circle

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Genesis 11:1-6


  1. Proper Language (speaking the same vision), Proper Location (direction/place) & Labor/Work (put forth the effort).
    • We must move in one direction
    • A vision is always hurt by division
    • When God sees oneness/unity, He commands His blessings
    • The power of agreement is being in harmony, with similar thoughts, and an arrangement accepted by all parties
    • To have anything meaningful in your life you must work
      • Prayer Focus: Father,  You said if two of us on earth agree about anything we ask for, it will be done for us by you. We thank you in advance for our petitions aligning with your will.
  2. God Revealed His Plan
    • When God reveals his plan, he will scatter us to fulfill purpose.
    • When God’s plan begins to cease, we must move.
      • Prayer Focus: Thank You Lord for working out everything to its proper end.