Access Granted

The Price for Success: Are You A Water Walker or Weather Watcher


Matthew 14:22-33

Peter had a goal to go where Jesus was on the water and to defy the normal. Yet, he was distracted in the process by the sights and sounds of the weather. While God grants us access, we have to make sure we are ready for what he has given us access to, including success that comes with it. This means we must stay focused on the goals that position us for access and success.


  1. Goals
    • Will create an internal drive, resounding theme, and measurable results.

Prayer Focus: Lord help me to notice the movement that will keep me motivated.

  1. What causes distractions?
    • What you know, even about yourself, lack of ability to pay attention whether it’s external or internal (what you hear and feel about yourself).

Prayer Focus: Lord help me to identify every distraction and give me practical steps to address them.

  1. Whenever there’s an attraction, you will always experience distraction.
    • It pulls you away or creates a reversing force that pulls you off course because it has your attention.

Prayer Focus: Lord show us how to refocus when we feel the pull and disrespect of distractions.

  1. How do you handle yourself (with distractions)?
    • Check yourself (ask yourself questions).
    • Nail down the cause, then fix it.
    • Go offline (phone, social media).
    • Give yourself a break (walk away from it).
    • Silence the noise around you.
    • Re-order the clutter around you (home, office).
    • Set deadlines and stick to them deadlines.

Prayer Focus: Lord I understand that some distractions don’t just go away. So, thank You for the strategies to overcome them.

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