Free to Witness

Access Granted
Acts 16:25-34

Paul is involved in mission. He is on his way to visit new converts. On his way, he meets Lydia, a wealthy widow woman in Philippi, who gets saved. Then on the way to a prayer meeting, he meets a diviner who was following him. Paul takes authority and casts the python spirit out of her. The local people get upset and throw Paul and Silas in jail as a result. However, Paul and Silas choose to pray and sing hymns in spite of their situation. They are focused on God and not their problem. While bad things do happen to godly people, Paul and Silas still trusted God’s ability to deliver. When the jail doors opened because of an earthquake, Paul and Silas stayed put. It is because of Paul and Silas staying in position, that they were able to share the gospel with the jailer and his household. We learn from this situation that we must:


  1. Learn how to praise God in spite of our circumstances.
    • God will use different circumstances to bring people to Himself, but don’t let your circumstances hinder you from being flexible and praising God
    • Get to a place, open your mouth and release a praise
    • The joy of the Lord is your strength
    • Prayer Focus: Prayer Focus: God help me to praise you anyhow and allow me to see the joy of your salvation. Help me to stay in position and stand still, while allowing me to draw others to you by my witness.


  2. Entrust our soul to the faithful Creator.
    • Don’t look inward or focus on your feelings, look upward to God, give thanks and praise Him.
    • Continue to yield your heart to God and find your pleasure in God
    • Prayer Focus: God, as I go through hard times, help me to look up to you always. Allow my situation to minister to others. Help me to go through as a good soldier so that others will see and KNOW that you are with me.


  3. Be careful that our witness isn’t destroyed.
    • Don’t destroy your witness because people are watching how you go through your hard times
    • Be a good witness in the dark place
    • Endure hardness as a good soldier and stay in place as you are not exempt from trials
    • Prayer Focus: God help me to increase my spirit of discernment, an allow you to perfect some things in me so that my witness stays in tact.